European Lime: Tilia vulgaris; T. europaea

We supply English lime, Welsh lime, Scottish lime and European lime.


Lime is native throughout continental Europe and the British Isles.


The timber is creamy yellow in colour when first cut. This matures to more yellow-brown/pale brown tones. Lime wood has a straight grain and a fine uniform texture. Weighs 540 kg/m3; specific gravity .54.


Lime timber is suitable for steam bending. The timber has medium bending and crushing strength, low stiffness and resistance to shock loads.


Lime wood dries fairly quickly with a slight tendency to distort, this can be avoided if carefully kiln dried. Medium movement in service.


Lime works well with hand or machine tools, although it can be woolly, sharp tools will minimize this. A reduced cutting angle is recommended when planing and moulding. The timber glues and nails well. The timber produces a good finish with all finishing products.


The heartwood is perishable but permeable to preservative treatment.


Lime is used extensively for wood craving due to its ability to resist splitting in any cutting direction.