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Larch Siberian


Northern Europe.

General description:

It is a consistent colour; creamy yellow brown with a strong grain pattern. Slowly grown with tight straight grains; the distinct grain pattern fine texture. Knots are light grey in colour and tend to stay solid. The material is FSC® Certified. Its density is 660-750 kg/m3 at 18% moisture content. Good stability. Its hardness is 1,100  1l/in2 on Janka Scale (Redwood is 480  1b/in2).

Mechanical properties:

Siberian Larch is extremely dense material, Resin in the wood create a high resistance to decay and rot, making Siberian Larch one of the toughest and most durable softwoods in the world.


The timber is slow grown, Due to its high density, Larch wood is not flammable, maintains high wear-resistance and is non-corrosive.

Working properties:

This timber can be sawn and planed with standard woodworking equipment. Pre-drilling is recommended. It is a very resinous and hard material.


This timber is durable in use of Class 3 (cladding) service life 50-100 years. The timber contains natural fungicide-arabinoglactan. It requires no preservative treatment.


A strong durable hard wearing timber used mainly for cladding, rain screens flooring and decking. This timber is good for making exposed elevations or areas where damage is likely to occur e.g. scrapes and knocks. Schools, shopping centres, public walkways, etc. are good examples of its use.