European Larch: Larch decidua

We supply English larch, Welsh larch, Scottish larch and European larch.


European Larch naturally ranges across the mountainous areas of Europe including the UK, Alps and Western Russia.


Larch is a resinous timber that varies from very pale red-brown to deep red in colour. It has very well defined growth rings. Larch timber is straight grained, contains knots and has a fine uniform texture. Weight 590 kg/m3; specific gravity .59.


When larch timber is air dried it is about 50% harder than Baltic redwood, it is slightly stronger in bending strength and toughness, and the two timbers have similar crushing and impact strength properties.


Larch dries quickly and has a tendency to distort, and for knots to split and loosen, when kiln dried this can be avoided. There is small movement in service.


Larch is easily worked with hand and machine tools. Nailing will cause splitting so pre-boring is essential. Larch timber takes varnish, paint and stain very well


Larch timber is classified as moderately durable, and subject to insect attack, the heartwood is resistant and the sapwood moderately resistant to preservative treatments.


As Larch is harder and tougher than most conifers it is the timber of choice when durability and strength are important requirements.