Idigbo: Terminalia ivorensis


Idigbo is native to West Africa.


Idigbo heartwood is pale yellow/brown in colour, sometimes with a light pinkish cast. The grain varies from straight to slightly irregular to interlocked, therefore the texture varies from medium to coarse and uneven. Weight varies from 480 – 620 kg/m3, averaging 560 kg/m3; specific gravity .56.


Idigbo timber has a very poor steam bending classification, medium crushing strength, low bending strength and very low stiffness and resistance to shock loads.


Idigbo timber dries quickly and with little checking or distortion. It is very stable in service with little movement in service.


Idigbo timber with a straight grain works easily, the timber with interlocked grain will pick up during planing, therefore with these timbers a reduced cutting angle of 20° is recommended. Material containing brittleheart or compression failures will crumble when end cut. However, the wood will nail, screw and glue well and when varnished or polish will produce a good finish. If not dried properly the acidic properties of the timber may corrode metal.


Idigbo heartwood is very durable and extremely resistant to preservative treatments, the sapwood is only moderately resistant.


Idigbo is used primarily for furniture and high end joinery, internally and externally. It should not be used in damp conditions due to the timbers natural staining properties when in contact with iron compounds.