European Hornbeam: Carpinus betulus

We supply English Hornbeam, Welsh Hornbeam, Scottish Hornbeam and European Hornbeam.


Hornbeam ranges across Europe, including the UK, its range extends to Asia minor in the east and Iran in the South-east.


Hornbeam heartwood is very light in colour; it’s often described as a dull white, with greyish streaks. The grain is generally irregular, but with a fine, even texture. Weight 750 kg/m3; specific gravity .75.


Hornbeam is heavy and dense with high bending and crushing strength, it has medium resistance to shock loads and stiffness. It has very good steam bending classification; it also has excellent shear strength and splitting resistance.


Hornbeam dries quickly with little degrade, there is large movement in service.


Hornbeam is a very dense wood therefore there is high resistance when cutting.  The timber machines well and gives a smooth finish. Pre-boring may be necessary when nailing, however, Hornbeam glues well and polishes and varnishes to a high finish.


Hornbeam is perishable, and is subject to attack by beetles. The timber is permeable to preservative treatments.


There are many uses for Hornbeam timber. It is often used for industrial flooring as it is so resistant to wear. This timber is only available in small quantities as it is not grown as commercial stock.