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Cherry English

European Cherry: Prunus avium

We supply English Cherry, Welsh Cherry, Scottish Cherry and European Cherry.


European Cherry occurs throughout Europe including the British Isles, it ranges North through Scandinavia and East into Western Asia, and in the South it reaches Northern Africa.


European Cherry heartwood is pale pink with brown tones, it has a smooth, fine texture, with a fine, straight grain. The wood weighs around 610 kg/m3; specific gravity .61.


This timber has a very good wood bending classification, medium strength bending and crushing but low stiffness. Its strength properties are similar to Oak


European Cherry will dry very quickly, and is inclined to warp. In service there is a medium amount of movement.


The European Cherry is easily worked both by hand and machine. It takes a beautiful polish finish and can be glued, nailed and screwed. It should be noted that a cutting angle of 20° should be adopted on cross grained material as it tends to tear.


European Cherry sapwood is liable to attack from the common furniture beetle, it is moderately resistant to preservative treatments and is rated as moderately durable.


European Cherry is often used in small pieces due to its warping tendencies.