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Cherry American

American Cherry: Prunus serotina

Our American Cherry is sourced from North America.


American Cherry naturally occurs in small, scattered quantities across areas of deciduous forest across the USA and Canada.


American Cherry heartwood has a smooth, fine texture, with a fine, straight grain. It varies in colour from deep red to a reddish brown. The wood weighs around 580 kg/m3; specific gravity .58


This timber has good wood bending properties, medium strength and resistance to shock loads with low stiffness.


American Cherry will dry quickly, although care should be taken to avoid shrinkage and degrade. In service there is a medium level of movement.


The American Cherry is easily worked both by hand and machine. It takes a beautiful polish finish and can be glued, nailed and screwed.


American Cherry sapwood is liable to attack from the common furniture beetle, it is moderately resistant to preservative treatments and is rated as moderately durable.


American Cherry’s beautiful colour has led to its wide and varied use including in musical instruments, boat interiors, furniture, cabinets and high end joinery.