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Associated Timber Services Ltd has a clear policy with regard to the environment and sustainability and is totally committed to environmental and ethical initiatives.

Timber Procurement Policy
With purchases it is paramount that our first choice would be FSC® or PEFC, after that we will ensure any further purchases would be bought on site with a clear understanding that it is felled from well managed sources which is why the Company has signed and is committed to the “Responsible Purchasing of Timber and Timber Products” scheme. The Company is committed to the conservation of the environment and to minimising the environmental impact of its activities. All of the Company are responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented. Members of the team are involved in reviewing and extending the policy and in discussing any specific matters that may have arisen.  Suggestions are welcome at any time.

Main Areas Targeted

  • The Company is registered and certified with BM Trada for both FSC® and PEFC certification and therefore meets the requirements for FSC® Chain of Custody and PEFC Chain of Custody. Therefore we follow all the necessary procedures for FSC® and PEFC in that every log purchased is labelled and inspected in the woodland and followed through on all relevant paperwork.
  • The Company is committed to all aspects of the Timber Trade Federations “Responsible Purchasing of Timber and Timber Products” scheme a copy of which can be viewed on our website
  • To comply with applicable environmental legislation and relevant codes of practice and to integrate environmental considerations into business making decisions.
  • To review and update this policy regularly and to make it available to employees, customers and suppliers.
  • To educate our employees in environmental issues and to seek to influence others in the supply chain.